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Do you run a Salon, a Spa or a Beauty room at home ?


TRADE QUANTITY 18 x 1100 grams of Sugaring Paste supplied in recyclable pots.

Trade Sugaring x 18 Pots

1100 Grams
  • 100% natural Sugaring Hair Removal Paste - containing only sugar, water and citric acid.


    Which Paste - Soft, Medium or Hard ?

    CONSISTENCY - There are 3 pastes available ie Soft, Medium or Hard :-

    SOFT – Mainly used with Strips and Spatulas, particularly good with facial or intimate hair.

    MEDIUM – Good all round paste, can be used with “strips” or “hand flicking”. Can be used on all areas. If in doubt go with the medium paste, you will get the best of both worlds.

    HARD – Mainly used with the “hand flicking” technique. The paste stays firmer therefore is ideal in warmer seasons and warm rooms ie central heated rooms etc.

    SuitabilityOur sugaring pastes are very safe and suitable for use on all skin types. Can be used on skin affected by spider veins, most varicose veins, dry eczema and psoriasis. It can also be used on sensitive skin.

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