540gr Wax / Sugar Heater plus 540gr Sugar Waxing Paste Hair Removal Kit

£ 40.95



100% natural Sugaring Hair Removal Paste – containing only sugar, water and citric acid.

This heater is suitable for our 540 gr pots of Sugaring Paste which fit straight into the wax heater.

It is supplied with 540 grams of Sugaring Paste supplied in a recyclable pot. We make every pot of paste ourselves , in-house , thus ensuring the highest standards of quality and service. It also comes with 50 grams of unperfumed Talc, 50 Waxing Strips and 5 Spatulas (wooden applicators). 

Talc plays a very important role in sugaring, it removes any excess moisture from the hair allowing the Sugaring Paste to stick more effectively to the hair.

* With this size, you will be able to sugar 2 to 3 people (both legs, underarms, lower arms and bikini line). It can also be used for your face ie top lip, eyebrows etc. You will get several treatments from this quantity.

The paste does not go off and can be reheated over and over again.

If you are experienced in Waxing / Sugaring techniques then Sugaring can be performed by hand, without the need for strips , spatulas or any specialist equipment. If you are less experienced/novice then we would recommend using wax strips until you are comfortable with the technique.

Sugaring is a long-lasting, gentle on the skin and a natural alternative to all other hair removal processes.

To read all about the benefits of sugaring hair removal please see our SUGARING  VS  WAXING page.


* The amount of usage quoted, assumes experience in Sugaring techniques. Allowing for inexperience and ‘trial and error’ you might initially expect to do slightly less than this amount with this quantity. In a short time, of course, you would expect to be able to do the same as a professional with this quantity.

HEATER SPECIFICATIONS:- Thermostatic Heat control 0 – 115 degrees C, 10 Temperature Settings, Heater Lid, Protective Drip Collar, On/Off Indicator Light, Removal Mains Lead, Operating Instructions.

Internal dimensions are: 10cm Wide x 7cm High.

Additional information

Weight 2.001 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 32 cm

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