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Jetting off for some winter sun ?

Some tips for a beautiful and smooth bikini line !

Now is the time to get your bikini line in shape for the winter getaway season. Whether you are a man or woman you will want to look your best at the beach.

Before you apply any sugar always apply talcum powder first, this helps absorb any skin moisture and stops the sugaring paste sticking to the skin. The following tips are just handy pointers, all our pots are sold with full instructions.
1. Don’t run before you can walk. If you are new to removing hair from this area then I would recommend just tidying up the sides and top for your first time.  Before you start, determine the amount of hair you would like to remove and from where. Once sugared, I am sure you will be happy with the results and you can take it a little further each time you sugar.

2. Exfoliate. In between sessions, exfoliate your skin regularly and apply a moisturiser. There are various methods of exfoliating – with a glove, sugar scrub etc.

3. Comfort. If you are just tidying up the sides you may find a reclining position the most comfortable.

4. Keep the skin taut. With your finger and thumb, stretch a small area of skin (approx 1 inch) apply a small amount of the paste and spread it over the stretched area, always keeping the skin taught. Remove the paste with one quick motion.

5. Take a break. You can repeat the process over the same area if required but if you find an area becomes too sensitive consider switching sides now and then to give one side a break.

Hope this helps, enjoy your holiday !!

Suzie xx